Группа Dreamlin - chill out и lounge, Минск, Беларусь. | Old english promo text. Beginning of 2003. dreamlin - freestyle electronics from belarus

  dreamlin - chill out и lounge, минск, беларусь

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 Old english promo text. Beginning of 2003.

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Dreamlin is two people from Minsk, Belarus.
This all started and as many and many other acts out there:

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 Short English bio. Mid-2004

   5395 days 18 hours ago (03:20)
The main force of Dreamlin, hailing from Minsk, Belarus is Egor Kunovsky, who is always teamworking with someone. The first and the most important collaborator with Egor, who had long been involved with music software and computers, was Denis «C4» Korabkov, who used to play guitar with a local cult, psychedelic reggae band at the time. In 2000, they teamed together as Dreamlin and had their music used in several underground and noncommercial films and videos worldwide as well hitting the #1 artist spot at Ampcast in summer 2001.
In 2002 they started playing live and soon became the most requested electronic act in the country. Their constant love to mixing electronic and live instruments brought on stage a vocalist and several other people who played guitars, drums and electronic drums, flute and all kinds of percussion. By 2004 Egor plays most of the gigs together with multyinstrumentalist Andrey Karpovich, while Denis prefers studio work, now not only with Dreamlin project.
Collaborate tracks do not include just local live musicians, geography of people who worked with Dreamlin spreads from Finland to Hawaii. Egor’s activity also is not limited to recording and playing his own music, he also DJs, organizes and promotes parties, festivals and bookings of live acts and DJs in Minsk, runs a CDr label, Gizmo Lab ([ >>> ] and several music-related websites, writes lyrics, and does his best to promote electronic music from his country.
We still have not touched on one of the main questions that a listener would ask: the style of the music that Dreamlin produces. We have a reason for that as the style is not limited to a genre or two, no matter that on most flyers Dreamlin is listed as downtempo, you can hear almost any kind of electronic music except trance in their sets. All kinds of broken beats are preferred, but some mellow chill-out house tune is also quite likely to be heard.

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dreamlin - chill out и lounge, минск, беларусь
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