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  dreamlin - chill out и lounge, минск, беларусь

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 Roll-Tone. Reviews from garageband.com

   5362 days 13 hours ago (08:28)

Very Nice Intro
Wow, the mood definitely changed. Intro didn’t let on that this would be a drum ’n bass track. I have no idea what you guys sound like, sorry. In my mind drum and bass has been stagnant for quite some time.

(I like the synth effects used in the intro. The guitar was an excellent touch. Crazy bass line. Make people want to move on the floor. I have no clue who you sound like! The swirling sound is really getting the mood set for me. Makes me all relaxed. (Seriously!)

great drum n bass
Ireally dig this .. great drum n bass.. Mix is good.. production is good.. very hyped atmosphere.. I would buy this.. Arrangement works well.. keeps me interested.. I would like to hear a heavier kick drum with this… sequencer work is great… I really dig your bass line

brass tax
good arrangement. swooping phaser noise is annoying. beats are interesting. Are you happy? you made an old stoner dance around in his chair like an idiot. I’m doing the sprinkler. the sitting running man. this is good stuff, but very dance oriented. has a good vibe to it. well done

Most original self
Original, electronic, mix is very good, drums are eccentric. I like the laidback melody. nice and fierce beat ,very efficient. The mix is done well as well as the performance! The song has potential and I think that it was well done! The sequence sound great. It depends on what you are going for, are you going for the artistic drum sound or do you want the most dynamic. By the sound of things the mix is steady, solid. I like your use of the stereo aspect. I appreciate that you changed your loop throughout and didn’t let it go for the entire song. Stick to sounding like yourself your doing great, keep it up.

Private Rave??
Repetitive, but the rhythm was okay. What did you sample, a cat? Doesn’t seem to fit. But I would definitely expect to hear this at a private rave.

Developes nicely — creates a definite mood.
I really like the intro — it sounds quite haunting. I like the main part of the sound. The beat is good. The guitar-type instrument sounds really nice. I was almost expecting more drama in the main part following the suspense-filled intro, but that didn’t materialise, which I suppose maybe was a bit disapointing. I like the song as a whole, though, and it definitely creates a mood. It’s especially good when the melody returns to the intro. When the beat comes in, it sounds great. A lot of energy in there. Good stuff!

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